Wednesday, 1 February 2012

BRANDING IN CONTEXT : Graphic Communication course poster design

In the latest "Branding In Context" module, we are being asked to create a poster that sums up a statement about the "BA [HONS] Graphic Communication" course at Wolverhampton University.

A part of the statement that struck a chord with me was: "reflect[s] industry practice and offers study options in print and screen media that reflect this diversity". The idea of "industry" makes me think of after the course and the careers that hopefully all participating students will go onto. Lots of these careers will lead students to the "big city", such as Manchester, Birmingham or London, or have a wider sense of that idea: the big, wide world. So I thought I'd play on that idea, using the strap-line: "Building Big City Dreams" (I am also potentially thinking of using "Ideas", instead of "Dreams"). I think this helps reflect the idea of students having big dreams for what the course can lead them onto and also offers opportunities to use imagery of buildings in an interesting way:

throughout these I kept my research into Russian constructivism in the back of my mind, such as the Stenberg brothers' work, looking at perspective and very sharp contrasting angles in their posters.

The second set of posters I began playing round with was the idea of the student bringing their own creativity to unlock the potential of the course. Sometimes around the MK building, some rooms or walls feel bare, large expanses of white. Students must be the ones to fill those spaces, therefore: "Fill The Space" or "Fill This Space" can speak volumes, a command for students on the course to take the tools taught to them and use them to be creative and innovative:


  1. I absolutely LOVE your above experimenting with poster designs, really like them, they stand out. I like the first "fill this space" and the last "building big city dreams" Weldone Sy :)

  2. thank you v. much loren :D really liking your pieces too!!