Monday, 8 October 2012

[DESIGN CULTURE : RSVP MODULE] Trip to Birmingham : Ikon Gallery - Tony Arefin Exibit

The course took a trip to the Ikon Gallery in Birmingham - where an exhibition was on, celebrating the work of Tony Arefin (who sometimes worked under the pseudonym Arefin & Arefin). There were multiple pieces he had created for corporations and branding, but one set of pieces that struck a chord with me - and I felt could relate to the Design Culture 'RSVP' module - was his work for 'Sex Has Consequences' campaign. It featured beautifully lit photographs of people, with a bold, red negative word printed across them. This word makes the viewer involved in the image, obviously associating it with the person in the image - but when it is read with the statement to the side, it is seen to be a deeper message about consequences of having sex.

(Photo : Amy Denton)

As I was looking into this campaign, I stumbled upon this run down of '18 Provocative Pregnancy Campaigns and Posters' - which includes Arefin's work - and it made me think about the important issues design can take into it's hands, to educate and inform. See the list here.

"This doesn't really stink, but the outcomes of your choices can."

Tuesday, 8 May 2012


So I have finalised my "language" virals and here are stills from each one. The first is based around the idea of a glamourous photoshoot: big, red lips, fur coat, bouncy, blonde hair - lots of posing and pouting! The song playing over the top is "Rude Boy" by Rihanna, known for it's sexy lyrics and sound. After a few quickly edited snaps of the "shoot", it cuts to the girl reciting William Wordsworth's "Daffodils" poem. The word "Poetry" then fades in, as she blows a kiss. The screen then fades to black, with the statement: "Expect the unexpected" fading in. The juxtaposition of a supposed "bimbo", who had been dancing around and blowing kisses, then reciting verse is meant to show the viewer that poetry can be surprising and appeal to a wider audience then once thought.

The second viral also plays on the idea of "expect the unexpected". This time the girl is a stereotypical "goth": black lipstick, black hair, hooded top and lots of devil horns with her fingers. She begins to scream and headbang at the camera, shaking her hair out and act as a mad woman. All the while the song "BYOB" by System of a Down plays over the top, a rock song, which I chose for it's guitar and fast drum-lead pace (linking to the fact she is playing air guitar and banging her feet). Again, after a set of quickly edited shots it cuts to the girl reciting William Wordsworth's poem (kept the same to show continuity and so the videos can be linked together), she then makes the devil horns to the camera as the word "Poetry" fades in, once again. Screen fades to black and the same statement fades in: "expect the unexpected".

Friday, 23 March 2012


Here are the final designs for my campaign and event posters. I feel after reworking elements within them, they now stand individually, but also are true to the palette and can be associated together. The main points are use of type (Baskerville) and being consistent in alignments and sizes, also use of imagery (as it links together - the black and white photographs). 

Monday, 12 March 2012

BRANDING IN CONTEXT : Facilities Viral Video

I have decided to leave the "time lapse" idea, where I wanted to use coloured forms to give the impression of creativity, as I felt it may be too abstract within the time limit of 1 minute. So I'm going ahead with my alternative idea, snippet video clips of each facility used in the Graphics course, that aids the design process. Below are some of the set ups I will hope to film:

Within these sheets I speak about the length of each clip being a few seconds, long enough to get a feel for the use of the facility and then moving onto the next. I want the rapid succession to give the idea of multiple layers going into the course's structure, involving many processes that help create ideas and produce design pieces.

Below I have taken some preliminary shots, to give the idea of how close-up each video clip will be and what sort of angle/subject will be included. Such as:

Using the Macs.

Taking Notes.

Room's facilities (e.g. light switches, tables etc.)

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

BRANDING IN CONTEXT : Facilities Viral Video Ideas

I have begun the stage of developing my ideas and creating initial storyboard visuals. Below I have showcased some ideas about where I could take the video. These include:

1. A series of video snippets showing the varied facilities used within the course (e.g. lights being switched on, printers, Mac computers etc). It could give an overview of the many areas that help with the design process.


2. A time lapse/stop motion animation of a person sitting throughout the piece, while behind them a whole wall is filled with shapes and coloured forms depicting the many facilities that are on offer to Graphics students.

I decided to explore the "time lapse" idea, in the sheet below you can see the beginnings of the coloured shapes I'd want to create and have appearing within the video. I also drew out where the person could be positioned to give the most direct message across that what is forming behind them is meant to be their creativity and thoughts being realised.

In the work sheet just above, I spoke about how I wanted the forms that appeared around the person's head to be inspired by some of Lissitzky's work. Bold shapes and a select colour palette, which will reflect creativity in the course and also freedom of expression allowed for ideas.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

GRAPHIC COMMUNICATION PRINCIPLES : First Digital Mock Ups of Language Posters

These are the first mock ups for my campaign and event posters for the "love [lang-gwij]" campaign. Looking at them, I feel they uphold the brand palette well, but they do appear slightly too similar. Though they should be associated with each other, they should also stand individually as well. I will go away and re work some elements and see if that comes up with any new solutions.