Monday, 12 March 2012

BRANDING IN CONTEXT : Facilities Viral Video

I have decided to leave the "time lapse" idea, where I wanted to use coloured forms to give the impression of creativity, as I felt it may be too abstract within the time limit of 1 minute. So I'm going ahead with my alternative idea, snippet video clips of each facility used in the Graphics course, that aids the design process. Below are some of the set ups I will hope to film:

Within these sheets I speak about the length of each clip being a few seconds, long enough to get a feel for the use of the facility and then moving onto the next. I want the rapid succession to give the idea of multiple layers going into the course's structure, involving many processes that help create ideas and produce design pieces.

Below I have taken some preliminary shots, to give the idea of how close-up each video clip will be and what sort of angle/subject will be included. Such as:

Using the Macs.

Taking Notes.

Room's facilities (e.g. light switches, tables etc.)

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