Wednesday, 7 March 2012

BRANDING IN CONTEXT : Facilities Viral Video Ideas

I have begun the stage of developing my ideas and creating initial storyboard visuals. Below I have showcased some ideas about where I could take the video. These include:

1. A series of video snippets showing the varied facilities used within the course (e.g. lights being switched on, printers, Mac computers etc). It could give an overview of the many areas that help with the design process.


2. A time lapse/stop motion animation of a person sitting throughout the piece, while behind them a whole wall is filled with shapes and coloured forms depicting the many facilities that are on offer to Graphics students.

I decided to explore the "time lapse" idea, in the sheet below you can see the beginnings of the coloured shapes I'd want to create and have appearing within the video. I also drew out where the person could be positioned to give the most direct message across that what is forming behind them is meant to be their creativity and thoughts being realised.

In the work sheet just above, I spoke about how I wanted the forms that appeared around the person's head to be inspired by some of Lissitzky's work. Bold shapes and a select colour palette, which will reflect creativity in the course and also freedom of expression allowed for ideas.

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