Wednesday, 1 February 2012


For one of our new modules we have to consider inclusion of a viral video element, with a connecting theme to the "Graphic Communication Principles" module. I have decided to choose the theme of "Promoting the beauty of language and it's use in everyday life". For me, when I was first told about this theme, I immediately thought of a certain type of viral video becoming ever popular on the video sharing site Youtube. They are called lyric videos, used by record companies to give fans a chance to listen to music and watch a visual linked to the songs theme/content, until an official video can be made and released. These lyric videos can be as simple as having the song's lyrics scrolling up the screen or (like the ones below) use the "type as image" approach, creating a really interesting piece that brings the song to life:

"StooShe - Betty W.O.Z. Gone" - This song is centred on a story about youths on a London housing estate, so the type is inspired by graffiti, text messaging and slang. It is really interesting to see how the designer has tried to represent the singers' ad-libs and voices into the typography.

"Labrinth - Last Time" - A electro pop song based around the idea of dancing in different countries, so when the singer talks about the country the type reflects it, with an over arching electronic feel (such as in colour choice) to reflect the song's sound.

In the past year, the use and popularity of "lyric videos" has grown immensely, with some fans preferring them to some of the eventual "official music videos" featuring the actual music artist, as they don't match up to the vibrancy and uniqueness. In my own viral video work, I would like to use elements of these videos, linking it to the idea of "beauty of language", I feel there could be opportunity to create something very interesting, maybe not using songs, but spoken pieces/monologues.

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